Why Pray On The Go?

I once was lamenting to a friend that I was having a hard time finding time in my schedule to pray. And beyond the ‘priorities’ aspect of the discussion, one thing my friend suggested was praying while I drive since I had a long commute. I had tried that and couldn’t focus. I would always get distracted and only remember 20 minutes later that was intending to pray. His next suggestion I took to heart and gave a try – create a ‘prayer track’.

I sat down at my computer and recorded several voice prompts of things I wanted to pray for, each followed by silence for a minute or so. I loaded the track on my phone and played it during my commute. It worked! I could focus long enough to pray for each item. And the distractions that came would be obliterated when the next prayer prompt played.

This was a great addition to my life – one in which I can see some amazing answers to prayer. Who knows if those things would have happened without that extended prayer time?

But I have to admit it didn’t take long for my list to become stale since I wasn’t finding time to update the recording with new voice prompts. Making each one was as small production effort. And that’s when the wheels started turning for a simpler way to keep that prayer track up-to-date. Out of that struggle was born the idea for the app Pray On The Go.

It took a few years to finally carve out time to build the app. But it’s here now. And you can try it out if you have an iPhone and are interested in helping beta test it. Just send us the email address you use as your Apple ID to get an invitation.


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