Pray “on the go”?

For some this may be an oxymoron. Prayer should be meditative and done in a solitary place. For others, this app may be completely unnecessary as they pray any time and any place without succumbing to the distractions around them.

This app is for those of us somewhere in between. We want to take advantage to pray when our hands or eyes may be occupied but our minds are somewhat free. Yet we are easily distracted or simply don’t remember that we want to pray.

If you find yourself in this latter category, you can use the Pray On The Go app to help you focus your thoughts on the things that matter to you as you pray.

You set up the app by recording a set of prayer reminders in your own voice. Then when you want to pray, the app plays those reminders back to you and leaves time in between each reminder for you to pray. If you’re driving, walking, gardening, etc. you may become distracted by any number of things in your surroundings. When the current silent period is done, the next prompt will bring you right back to praying.

The app also lets you mix it up with some music tracks stored on your phone.

Want to try it out? The app is available on iPhone and Android. Get the version that runs on your phone and let us know how it works out for you.

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